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    I have iphone 3G version 4.0 and baseband 05.13.04
    Then I jailbroke and unlocked it successfully. But there was no APN set up to use internet on t mobile. Then I downgraded to version 3.1.2 and failed to use blackra1n rc3 to jalbreak and unlock the iphone. Now my iphone has version 3.1.2 but the baseband is still 05.13.04 I can just restore back to version 4.0 then jailbreak and unlock the phone. But my main concern is how to setup the internet with T-Mobile with unlimited $10 plan. Any one knows how to 1. setup internet with T-Mobile and still keep version 4.0 or 2. Jailbreak and unlock version 3.1.2 and downgrade the baseband 05.13.04 so hopefully I can setup internet with T-Mobile?Your any help will be greatly appreciated.
    2010-07-23 11:50 PM
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    Just enter cydia and looks for APN Editing and reboot and thats it the APN Editing will show off and check.


    2010-07-23 11:56 PM