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  1. StephniaMarie's Avatar
    I have a 3g iphone using iOS4 for t-mobile. I have the proper internet package, the phone is jb/unlocked. But the only thing that works is texting. I have changed the cellular data network settings to what they should be, but i still can not get internet/mms. Help?
    2010-07-27 06:11 PM
  2. adp's Avatar
    What is your data plan?
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    2010-07-27 06:39 PM
  3. StephniaMarie's Avatar
    The smart phone data plan.
    2010-07-30 12:28 AM
  4. adp's Avatar
    Try entering in the APN for data
    2010-07-30 02:14 AM
  5. TANK510's Avatar
    adp i have a question, i have a 3gs on 4.0 i just jb/unlocked it, i have internet and its fine but i didnt do the apn settings, I do have the blackberry unlimited web/texts. Im just worried about data charges..
    2010-08-03 06:08 AM