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  1. sledneck800r's Avatar
    Hey guys, I have a 3gS on 4.0.1 with Tmobile. I went today to have them switch my plan to their unlimited talk, text, and web and it went great. The guy even set up both my wife's 3gS and mine to work with mms and the data plan. All cool, except one thing... after I reboot mine all the cellular data disappears and my little camera button goes away (on messages). However on my wife's 3gS, she can restart it all day long and its fine.
    Both are jailbroken with jailbreakme
    Both are unlocked with ultrasn0w
    Her's is the new bootrom
    Mine is the old one.

    So any suggestions?
    Perhaps a Tmobile tweak thing from cydia?

    2010-08-03 12:35 PM
  2. allicatmeow's Avatar
    same is happening to me and my boyfriend's 3GS is just fine. i'm going to re-jailbreak and unlock tonight.

    what settings does your wife's have and what packages in cydia?
    2010-08-03 08:29 PM
  3. sledneck800r's Avatar
    Hmmmmmm, weird... so i'm not the only one.

    well, I would assume that she has them same packages as I do, considering hers was jailbroken and set up probably 20 min after mine, but maybe that made the difference, idk.

    So to re-jailbreak, what's the best way? Because I have a ton of stuff on my phone and if I restore, It's going to take me another 10 years to get everything back on.
    2010-08-03 09:58 PM
  4. allicatmeow's Avatar
    same here. his was JB after mine. unfortunately, i only know how to do a complete restore. you could backup everything, but i'm not sure how much would be saved for you.
    2010-08-03 10:32 PM
  5. sledneck800r's Avatar
    Gottcha, well please let me know what happens after you try that this evening.
    2010-08-03 11:14 PM
  6. allicatmeow's Avatar
    welp, now i can't restore... saying the servers cannot connect. crap.

    what settings does your wife use for working mms?
    2010-08-04 12:17 AM
  7. yogurt's Avatar
    there's a sticky on the top of the tmobile section. that worked out for me. I'm on a 3gs 32 on 4.0, new bootrom. good luck
    2010-08-04 09:53 AM
  8. allicatmeow's Avatar
    there's a sticky on the top of the tmobile section. that worked out for me. I'm on a 3gs 32 on 4.0, new bootrom. good luck
    we're both aware of that, but it doesn't help either of us.
    2010-08-04 10:40 PM
  9. sledneck800r's Avatar
    So I ended up downloading some stuff from cydia (SMS tones and other unrelated things) requiring me to have to reboot, and afterwards i checked my messages and my little camera button was still there. So in short, my problem went away with time. I don't know why, but it did.
    2010-08-04 11:04 PM