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    Yeah...that's because it needs to be updated. I updated and unlocked 4.1 Saturday night and ran into the same problem. Again though...Tango will work with no problems, even on 4.1. To me it's a better alternative, no hacking required and works cross-platform.

    Wait...nevermind...it's been updated...I'll mess with it and report back!

    Won't activate for me either. Seems its because Limera1n hactivated the phone. This apparently prevents mitime from working. Bummer...tango it is.

    Of course...4.2 is slated for November...Just make a mental note to not hactivate when the jailbreak and unlocks are out for that one. Okay...fourth merge...I'm done.
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    2010-10-12 05:44 AM
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    check this thread out guy talks about the same thing and i posted up some valuable information that thenatrix and infamous and all tmobile users would like to know. i wanna share the wealth since you guys are being so helpful

    2010-10-13 02:05 AM
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    4.1 is partially supported.
    check out pushfix twitter @ twitter.com/pushfix or go to MiTime.info | FaceTime® for unofficial carriers. <-------- answers are right there
    2010-10-13 10:11 AM
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    So does anyone know yet why my iPhone would try multiple times to send a text message to +1 (312) 772-3612 but then just display unable to send message with an error 106?

    Strange- didn't happen before when I would turn FaceTime on- before there was no response just a waiting for activation and now this ?
    2010-10-13 02:55 PM
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    Since upgrading to 4.1 i get "sim needed" when trying to run mitime???
    2010-10-13 10:38 PM
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    is there a finally conclusion why facetime would be ascociated with this number? +447786205094

    rumor is Viber also sends the same sms to +447786205094? so is facetime and or Viber safe??
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    2011-01-10 08:42 PM
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    i found this thread by googling the number. this is such ******** becasue i called tmobile today and was like what are these charges and the rep was like you are texting internationally and tried to sell me international texting, f.ing a.hole thank god i finally found out what was causing this now atleast I dont have to drop t-mobile and switch to metro when the verizon iphone gets hacked... or will I, hoping the verizon iphone gets hacked soon!
    2011-01-21 04:00 AM
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    Confirming this as well.I have the same situation.But this is not happening on the unlock ,but when i make the jailbreak.When i do the jailbreak the FaceTime was colsed.Im am in Vodafone in Romania.

    iPhone 4 users for T-Mobile beware!

    For anyone who just unlocked their iPhone 4 to use with T-Mobile, I would check out your recent account activity. Apparently Facetime triggers an international text to this number 447786205094 in the UK which cost money even on an unlimited messaging plan.

    I'm not sure how this text is triggered but I turned off Facetime for now.

    I hope I can get T-Mobile to waive these charges
    2011-04-04 04:04 PM
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    So is there no way to enable Facetime just to use with Macs, iPads, and iPods? I really don't care about iPhone to iPhone 4
    2011-04-10 06:46 PM
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    This is clearly an international issue and Apple should be doing something to resolve the issue. Given the seemingly minor things that are considered newsworthy regarding the iPhone surely this should be given front page coverage?
    I've been using my iPhone 4 on T-Mobile Germany for over a year and never been charged for this. We moved to Vodafone DE on Saturday and within 10 minutes we were billed €1.29 between us in SMS charges to the UK. If this is a fundamental service of the iPhone and does not require GSM services to run then activation via an SMS message is compeltely unacceptable IMO. Thankfully Vodafone have agreed to credit this back to us this time but I doubt that will always be the case. It's not really their fault as it's an Apple mechanisim but it does bother me that they haven't provided an alternative number in Germany for registration. It's possible, as other countries have done it, but it seems the German providers send out carrier updates with only the UK number in them. If the providers aren't going to supply a registration number in their country then they shouldn't be charging you international SMS charges as I see it! They won't t hough as they can profiteer from this system as it stands.
    Apple need to change the activation mechanisim to allow e-mail based activation, just as it is in the iPod touch 4 as an option. Otherwise they need to be crediting all iPhone 4 owners with the SMS charges they pay out for this basic function!
    2011-05-30 02:15 PM
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    I'm in Australia and I just had a charge to this same international SMS number. I just turned on facetime recently also so it doesn't matter where in the world you are it will always go to that international number if you turn on facetime.
    2011-08-18 11:17 AM
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    I unlock my iphone 4s and i used it with a company for a couple hours i got charge for some international text that i dint do actually its the same numbers that someone post before they all start with 44. I call the company and they told me the charged are valid and that i have to pay them. I cancel the line the same day since they dint fix the bill for me
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    2012-05-11 12:51 AM
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    i have the same problem when i try to turn on facetime on tmobile. why is different on tmobile and at&t?
    2012-05-11 03:10 AM
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