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    I have seen these post for enabling MMS. question,
    why do I need to put the codes in mms. Isn't that for text messaging. I think I'm paying for this service now. Does this allow for another function? Am I missing something?

    I pay 49.99 for unlimited minutes and 5.00 I think for 300 mins.
    this is what I have:

    Unlimited Loyalty
    Unlimited Whenever Minutes
    Unlimited Weekend Minutes
    Unlimited Weeknight Minutes

    Services on Austin's lineChange services

    In addition to the shared plan and services on this account (detailed above), this line also has the following services:
    Any 300 Domestic Messages
    Unlimited Web for phones

    ok I found through google search, that this approach for enabling MMS is to allow me to send video and picture. I have not use the text with pictures feature, so I didn't know you could not do, though my adult children were well aware of it. So this look like a good thing to do to increase my cell phone functionality. Cydia offers a lot, but I very slow in learning about all this power available to the iphone.
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