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    T-Mobile FACETIME sense of direction.

    So i see how a text msg was sent to +447786205094 which resides in UK everytime you turn on FT. So i edited carrier.plist from System/Library/Carrier Bundle/Unknown.bundle and change this field


    to my number. Surprisingly ,FT sent a request SMS to my number with the following

    REG-REQ?v=2;t=0C11F1ACF776391387797F5EEC1B87E9FC33DAD9 B86583270B8E8DDE78A7A23C;i=2CFA805D9A0D1D43CE57429 B4DA8E454B9AADB5D;r=5917c44d

    I've noticed the last portion i= has different character everytime it requested it.

    Now, here's my ideas.. is there anyway where we can use an ATT microsim and turn FT on/off and monitor the package being sent from ATT and mimick that to activate FT on T-Mobile?

    Just a thought.. and please comment. Thanks
    2010-08-14 08:10 AM
  2. hotairgypsy's Avatar
    i edited mine also and i am now getting texts to myself with all the garbage too...i am wondering the same thing you are
    2010-08-14 09:54 PM
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    I have an AT&T sim, I'll try it when I get home

    I have an idea, the way FaceTime activates is that it sends a request SMS and expects to receive one in return, so if we can figure out what the msg contains that is sent back, we can add our own numbers to the plist and send a text back to the req
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    2010-08-17 04:32 AM