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    Hey guys,

    My wife and I both have 3gs iPhones running 4.0.1, jailbroken and on T-Mobile. Before that, we had a G1 and a myTouch3g, which gave us strong signals throughout the house and on the road.

    Now that we have iPhones, we can watch the phone go from 4 out of 5 bars to "Searching..." and then back within a couple of minutes. Also, earlier in the week, we were traveling and using MapQuest For Mobile as a guide. Three times during a 45 minute trip we'd lose signal and have to restart the phone.

    I don't think it's an antenna issue or dead zone, as the phone has dropped signal while in a cupholder or on an armrest and brought back a strong signal after being restarted.

    Searches on the forum have proved fruitless for a remedy, so I don't know if I'm searching incorrectly or if it's not a widely reported problem. Anyone else know what's going on with this? Is there a roaming setting I can go fix?

    Any help is appreciated. I've lusted after this damn phone for years to have to give it up so soon because of signal problems!
    2010-08-15 03:13 AM