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    Thanks for the tip about a new sim, just got back from Tmobile and I no longer have to pull the sim out after reboots, they actually had sims that had the same chip size as the ATT just had to cut it but I already have a SIM cutter and bam Data/MMS works everytime on reboots without having to take the SIM out.

    No my friend doesn't have Data and can still receive MMS, data is not required it has it's own apn
    haha i got the same sim card too
    2010-08-20 08:21 AM
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    haha i got the same sim card too
    I got another one for my wife's phone and still the same issue, I need to find the same sim card I got :/ if I can find it I am sure it will work like mine or I just got lucky I don't know

    FIXED - got another SIM card I asked for the same sim I got which was a 50.01 (its printed on the SIM and is the number that sits sideways against the rest of the #'s on the metal chip side) I have tested 39.01a, SOU-1.0, S02V01 and 556038 and those still required me to pull the sim out after reboot. 50.01 has worked flawlessly after every reboot

    I tried it with TetherMe and the tmobile legacy bundle but still i got the same result, i have to have edge on.
    Really I will double check with my friend but I am sure he doesn't have data, I'll post when I get a hold of him
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    2010-08-20 05:26 PM
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