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    Yet another problem has arose. Right now my iPhone 4, on Tmobile, cannot exit the default phone application. No matter how many times I click the home button, it won't lock with the standby button, nor will it turn off. I hold the standby button and nothing happens. I can't double click the home button to bring up the multi tasking feature either. And when connected to iTunes, I tried to sync it and the syncing screen on the phone didn't show up. The background light doesn't even turn it's self off, it's just dim. The phone is actually working, making calls, dialing, voice mail, yet no lag whatsoever. What in the heck could have caused this glitch? Should I wait for my phone to die then charge it? A restore is not an option; yet. And I'm hoping it won't be. I do have SHSH blobs on file, and changed my HOSTS file to sauriks database server (another question: since both of these stages are complete, when I go to restore, I automatically can restore to 4.0.1?) I'm just baffled at the problem. But, sorry, again, I DO have the SHSH file for my i4 and DID change the HOSTS file in my Windows laptop to Saurik's server, when I, HYPOTHETICALLY, go to restore, I just click "Restore" and I have the 4.0.1 option? Any help appreciated.

    Okay, I figured it out myself, don't delete this thread for what I am about to say. If any of you ever have a problem like the one I stated above, don't freak out, just do a hard reset. In order to do that just hold the home button and the standby button at the same time and count ten seconds (or just wait for the screen to go black) and just boot up again! You are NOT putting it in DFU mode, just hold both and wait for the phone to shut off and let go. Hope that can resolve any problem's like the one I just had.
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