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    I'm writing this guide not because I came up with any of these techniques myself, but because I thought it might help some others if the process of jailbreaking, unlocking, and allowing tethering/MMS on a T-Mobile USA iPhone 3g with 3.1.3 firmware, using Windows/ITunes 9.2, was compiled in one place. I say this because I spent the better part of 2 days slogging through myriad posts on a ton of websites in order to understand the process.

    Remember, this procedure is specifically for people with:
    *iPhone 3g
    *currently installed 3.1.2/3.1.3 firmware (with any baseband) OR 4.0x firmware downgrading to 3.1.3 (with any baseband) OR pre-3.1.3 firmware upgrading to 3.1.3
    *T-Mobile USA
    *Windows 32/64bit
    *iTunes 9.2

    If you have a 2g, 3gs, Mac OSX, or AT&T, etc. the process is slightly (and sometimes significantly) different. Sorry, but this guide will not work for you.

    Additionally, I will try to credit all individuals who have shared their ideas and expertise, though I apologize in advance if I leave anyone out. It should be mentioned specifically that the CommCenter patch, which enables tethering, and the patched Carrier Files (.ipcc files), which enable MMS, are the sole work of SpookyET. If you like the results of his patches, I highly recommend you stop by his PayPal account to make a donation. A link to his PayPay account can be found here.

    Let The Games Begin!

    Note: If you are upgrading from pre-3.1.3 firmware or downgrading from 4.0x firmware, start at Part A. If you already have 3.1.3 firmware installed, start at Part B.

    Part A--Install Stock 3.1.3 Firmware Onto Your iPhone

    1. Download 3.1.3 firmware here.
    2. Open iTunes, connect iPhone via USB.
    3. Click on iPhone icon in iTunes(under devices listing)
    4. Press shift key and click "Restore" button.
    5. Browse for and select 3.1.3 firmware that was downloaded in Part A, Step 1.
    6. Begin downgrade to 3.1.3.
    7. You will possibly get an Error 1015 message. Don't panic! Follow ONLY steps #1 thru 6 here. (thanks bondkt)
    8. Your phone should now have the stock 3.1.3 firmware installed.

    Part B--Jailbreaking 3.1.3 Firmware (with any baseband) Using redsn0w 0.9.4

    1. Download 3.1.2 firmware here.
    2. Download redsn0w 0.9.4 here.
    3. Unzip folder. (you can unzip with 7zip found here)
    4. Jailbreak with redsn0w 0.9.4 by following ONLYsteps #2 thru 6 here. Don't worry about all the baseband warnings, the issues have been fixed.
    5. Your iPhone should now be jailbroken.

    Part C--Unlocking 3.1.3 Firmware (with any baseband) Using ultrasn0w On Cydia

    1. Unlock with ultrasn0w by following ONLY steps #1 thru 5 here. Don't worry about all the baseband warnings, the issues have been fixed.
    2. Your iPhone should now be unlocked.

    Part D--Enable Carrier Bundle Updates In iTunes 9.2

    Note: This process enables iTunes to recognize .ipcc file updates.

    1a. Follow ONLY steps #1 thru 3 for either Windows 32bit or 64bit, as necessary, here. DO NOT follow directions for "Updating your iPhone with the Carrier File" yet.
    1b. If the steps linked to above in Part D, Step 1a. don't work, in Windows go to Start > Run
    1c. In the Run box, where "C:" is the drive letter of your iTunes installation, type the following if using
    Windows 32bit: "C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    Windows 64bit: "C:\Program Files\iTunes(x86)\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    1d. Click OK. (this is what worked for me)
    2. iTunes should now be able to recognize and update .ipcc files.

    Part E--Update Your iPhone's Carrier File (.ipcc file)To Allow MMS

    Note: MMS does not work on T-Mobile US-Sidekick Prepaid(thanks SpookyET)

    1. Download .ipcc files here. (thanks SpookyET)
    2. Unzip folder. (you can unzip with 7zip found here)
    3. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone via USB.
    4. Click on iPhone icon in iTunes(under devices listing).
    5. Press shift and click “Check for Update”.
    6. Change file type in dropdown menu in iTunes file browser from .ispw to .ipcc so .ipcc files will appear.
    7. Browse and select an .ipcc file from the folder you downloaded in Part E, Step 1. Make sure the .ipcc file you select matches the T-Mobile service plan you have. (Choose standard or legacy with Web2Go, I have T-Zones so I used that .ipcc file.)
    8. Reboot your iPhone.
    9. MMS should be enabled on your iPhone.
    10. Send yourself a MMS to test if your iPhone can send and receive MMS correctly, or send an MMS to someone else and have them send you one back.
    11. If it doesn't work, reset network settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset Network Settings. (thanks SpookyET)
    12. Repeat Part E, Steps 3 thru 11 above, but at Step 7 choose a different .ipcc file. (Apparently an iPhone's location is another variable that determines which .ippc file will allow MMS to work, so you might have to do some experimentation installing different .ipcc files until you find one that works in your particular case.)

    Part F--Patching CommCenter To Allow Tethering

    1. Download CommCenter patch here. (thanks SpookyET)
    2. Unzip folder. (you can unzip with 7zip found here)
    3a. If you DO have a wireless network, download and install WinSCP here (enable Commander option during install)
    3b. If you DON'T have a wireless network, download and install i-FunBox here
    4a. Make sure you have OpenSSH installed on your iPhone.
    4b. If not, to install OpenSSh on your iPhone, go to Cydia, search for OpenSSH, select and install it. (OpenSSH allows files to be transferred between your computer and your iPhone)
    5a. If you DO have a wireless network you can SSH with WinSCP. (a tutorial for SSHing an iPhone using WinSCP is here)
    5b. If you DON'T have a wireless network you can SSH with i-FunBox. (I've never used i-FunBox and couldn't find a tutorial, sorry. It allows you to access your iPhone via USB and I believe uses a file browser similar to Windows Explorer.)
    6. Make sure iTunes is not running.
    7a. If using a wireless connection, turn on your iPhone's WiFi and connect to the network. Open WinSCP and enter:
    * Server: The IP address of your iPhone. (found at Settings > WiFi > (Your Network Name) > IP Adresss)
    * Username: root
    * Password: alpine
    * File Protocol: SFTP
    7b. If not using a wireless connection, connect your iPhone via USB, and open i-FunBox.
    8. In WinSCP/i-FunBox, navigate to the CommCenter folder downloaded in Part F, Step 1, go to CommCenter_313/CommCenter_313/CommCenter_3g_313/ and right click copy the "CommCenter-3G-Patched" file.
    9. In WinSCP/i-FunBox, navigate on the iPhone to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/ and right click paste the “CommCenter-3G-Patched” file
    10. In WinSCP/i-FunBox, on the iPhone, delete the original "CommCenter" file
    11. In WinSCP/i-FunBox, on the iPhone, rename "CommCenter-3G-Patched" to "CommCenter"
    12. In WinSCP/i-FunBox, on the iPhone, right click on the patched "CommCenter" file you just renamed, click properties and change the permissions:
    *Owner: check R, check W, check X
    *Group: check R, uncheck W, check X
    *Others: check R, uncheck W, check X
    *Octal: 755
    13. Reboot your iPhone.
    14. You should now have the official Tethering option under Settings > General > Network on your iPhone 3G.

    NOTE: A backup copy of the original CommCenter file is in the downloaded folder from Part F, Step 1 called "CommCenter-3G-Original." In a worst case scenario, if your phone hangs on reboot you will need to SSH and restore "CommCenter-3G-Original" to your iPhone in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/, delete the patched "CommCenter" and rename "CommCenter-3G-Original" to "CommCenter."

    That's all folks!

    Bonus: Just a heads up...if you want YouTube and push notifications to work, you can install Push Doctor by following the instructions here. I haven't tried it myself, so I can't vouch for it personally, but many have said its apparently the best solution at this point.
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    When error 1015 (or 1011, 1013) occurs, simply use Recboot to kick it out of recovery mode. 3.1.3 should be installed fine after it reboots after Recboot.

    There are download links for the appropriate 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 firmwares in the Downloads section here on MMi, so no external links are necessary. Be sure to use Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome to download the files as some other browsers may download them in .zip files.

    If the firmwares are already downloaded as .zip files, just change them to .ipsw to adjust that.
    2010-08-26 01:12 AM
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    Thanks for the extra info. I've updated some of the links per your suggestion.
    2010-08-26 03:06 AM
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    it still wouldnt let me downgrade...it asks me to restore and update my phone! help
    2010-09-18 05:35 AM
  5. theSpaniard's Avatar
    Did you start with Part A of the tutorial? How much of the process did you complete?
    2010-09-18 09:01 AM
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    I just want to make sure that this will work with an Iphone 3g that has 4.0.1
    2010-09-19 05:30 AM
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    I just want to make sure that this will work with an Iphone 3g that has 4.0.1
    i have a 3g that was on 4.0.1 and downgraded to 3.1.3 using this, worked fine. i haven't gotten around to fixing mss and tethering yet because i'm lazy and would rather use cydia packages and editing ipcc :P.
    2010-09-19 06:04 AM
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    @imarq, this should work for you assuming you're running Windows. Good luck!
    2010-09-19 03:36 PM
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    okay thanks for the reply...ill let you guys know how it turns out.

    is it normal for it to hang halfway on redsnow?
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    2010-09-20 05:14 AM
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    After running redsnow, it gets to a window that says "the rest of the jailbreak takes place on your device" or something to that affect. But the screen has just been black for some time now.
    2011-03-26 10:36 AM