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  1. eremeya's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 3gS factory unlocked from Hong Kong and have been thinking about upgrading to iOS 4.1.

    I am wondering, have any of you done that yet? If you have, are you still able to tether with the built in iOS tethering? Can you access the network settings tab?

    I know I won't be able to jailbreak yet but that's not a big deal to me right now.

    thanks for any help that you can give me
    2010-09-17 03:17 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    I have a factory unlocked iphone 4 that I was still able to use the native tethering on my non-official carrier on 4.1. Not sure if the same holds true for t-mobile so I wouldnt do it if you rely on that feature unless someone with t-mobile can confirm that it works.
    2010-09-17 03:20 AM
  3. heyyyitsjordan's Avatar
    4.1 works on my 3gs. i had to unlock it from at&t.
    DROID does... iPhone does it harder, better, faster, stronger
    2010-10-06 09:46 PM