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  1. levitening's Avatar
    Hello all!
    I've been a T-Mobile prepaid guy for a while--never used it enough to make paying 30+ a month for voice. Now that I'm using my SIM in my iPhone, I want data....

    I know you can't get T-Zones, etc anymore--what's the cheapest way to get data on an iPhone? I don't talk on it that much, and use Google Voice for texting. Is there anything cheaper than the $30 a month 500 minute plan plus the $10 data plan?
    2010-09-30 06:40 PM
  2. Waleed786's Avatar
    I think that's the cheapest, ur on even more plus right? The $10 plan is the cheapest they have, they discontinued the $5.99 one
    2010-09-30 07:56 PM