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    I had recently switched back to verizon from my iphone due to mediocre service with AT&T in my area. I just got a prepaid Tmobile SIM working and have been able to text and MMS fine. I can't seem to find what data plans are currently working. I am using an iPhone 3gs on 4.0.
    Any help or hints are appreciated!
    2010-10-02 04:00 AM
  2. Waleed786's Avatar
    Tmobile prepaid data plans should all work no problem, just need to change ur APN settings
    2010-10-02 04:03 AM
  3. beav81's Avatar
    I apoligize, I'm totally new to T-mobile. The problem I've ran into is when I go to Services and click on add internet & email I get an error.

    "We’re sorry—due to your account type, you can’t view this information"
    2010-10-02 04:15 AM
  4. Waleed786's Avatar
    Hmm that's wierd..what type of prepaid did u choose? Also, what phone does it show that u have on the tmobile site?
    2010-10-02 04:18 AM
  5. beav81's Avatar
    I chose the $15 unlimited text/$.10/min It actually doesn't show what phone I have, I tried to change it to a G1 and now doesn't seem to let me change it again.
    2010-10-02 04:22 AM
  6. Waleed786's Avatar
    Actually bro I think I made a mistake, I don't think u can get data plans on tmobile prepaid. They only have the plan for the sidekick which won't work in the iPhone (at least it doesn't for 95% of the people who tried).

    What u can do is get the tmobile even more plus plan which is a monthly plan but doesn't require a contract and is a little cheaper. But u said u have verizon so why do u have tmobile prepaid?
    2010-10-02 04:34 AM
  7. beav81's Avatar
    I had just bought a cheap prepaid tmobile to see if I could get it to work with my old iPhone. Mostly just to play with but I may use it for everything except voice depending on how it does in my area.
    2010-10-02 05:00 AM
  8. Waleed786's Avatar
    Oh I see. Well you could get prepaid with AT&T, they have data. But You said u don't get good coverage in ur area right...I guess all u can do is use wifi for now.
    You should really consider the even more plus plan, that's the only thing keeping me from switching to AT&T. It's really cheap and u don't have to sign any contract, if u get good coverage then you might want to consider switching to it if you want to use the iPhone for everything
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    2010-10-02 05:03 AM