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    I jailbroke my 4.0.2 and unlocked it for t-mobile last week while the limera1n came out. Weird thing happened this morning. When I turned on my ip4, a message 'Invalid sim" appeared on my screen. However, after I rebooted a few times, the t-mobile came back. Is there anyone know what was happening on my phone?

    I spent more time on this issue. And I think it's because the t-mobile signal is not that strong at my home. And I turned on my phone in my office last couple days. My conclusion is I will still have this problem if I turn on the phone at home. Once it gets t-mobile initial signal, the phone would have no problem for whole day until you turn it off.
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    2010-10-16 10:54 PM
  2. RGee's Avatar
    this happends to me for some reason too.
    I take the subway n while under tunnel of course theres no service
    but when out of train n back outside i want use my phone and i get no service at all n says something wrong with sim card but a simple restart seems to fix it dont know whats wrong...someone else has more knowledge on this?
    2010-10-17 04:48 AM
  3. iinfamousaznn's Avatar
    Did you cut the sim card by hand?
    2010-10-18 10:01 AM
  4. tbs2's Avatar
    The guy from t-mobile cut for me.
    2010-10-18 05:54 PM