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    Hello All,

    I have been using my iPhone 3GS unlocked and jailbroken using Tmobile USA since July 2010 and it has been working perfectly fine so far until last week. I believe I accidentally connected it to my Macbook Pro and it started syncing with iTunes v9.2. Usually I charge my iPhone with a wall adapter. So far I do not think my iPhone had an automatic updates. My firmware version is still 3.1.3, Modem Firmware is still 05.12.01 and Carrier is Carrier 5.1. Ever since then I have been getting dropped calls for a week, and starting yesterday I have been getting the "No Service" or "Searching....." on the top left corner of my iPhone display. Cant make any phone calls or send txts out. I've researched enough and tried almost everything there is out there on the internet to fix this issue.

    So far, this is the following I have tried:
    1. Toggle between Airplane Mode
    2. Pull SIM Card out and place it in an old Tmobile phone to get service and then place it back in iPhone. This didn't work for my iPhone but I got a perfect reception on my old Tmobile phone which shows my SIM Card is working fine
    3. Reset the Network Settings
    4. Install Boss Prefs app from Cydia and do a full Reboot
    5. Restart the iPhone
    6. Toggle the 3G to enable and disable

    My WiFi is working perfectly fine. I do not know what was used to unlock and jailbreak this iPhone, because I bought it unlocked and jailbroken.

    I really do not wanna dispose off my iPhone, because I love it and I would like to troubleshoot it back to normal. Please help me out! I will highly appreciate it.


    2010-10-20 05:57 AM
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    Here's what you can do. This worked for me.

    1. Unauth your Itunes account at the top click on "store" and you'll see.

    2. Then uninstall your itunes, whatever version you may have.

    3. Restart your computer and reinstall itunes to the same version you had before. At Least that what I did itunes 10.1 something...

    4. Once installing is completed, connect your iphone without sim and Authorize your itunes account. Follow the same process as before. Let the itunes recognized your iphone and wait until it finished.

    5. Disconnected your Iphone and go to setting and turn on the Airplain mode on and insert your sim now, turn the AP mode off.

    6.wait and until you see the carrier and Enjoy.

    This is the process I followed and it worked for me. I really do hope this helps. Goodluck
    2010-11-02 10:53 PM