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    Well tis the season to have my iPhone 4 stolen. One of my roommates left my suite open and my iPhone and 23" LCD monitor was stolen. Unfortunately the campus police don't have any leads so there's really nothing I can do.

    I want to (have to) buy a new phone but I can't bare to spend another 700 dollars on another iPhone 4. I'm thinking about trying one of the new WP7 phones coming to T-Mobile. However I still have about 14 months left on my current contract. At full price the phone I want is $599.99, but at activation cost it's only $99.99. I was thinking if I could activate a 2nd line on my contract and get the new phone for $99.99 then just cancel my first line and pay the ETF that I believe is $200.00. Therefor paying a total of $299.99 instead of a full $599.99. The only problem I see is that I can lose my existing phone number but that's no big deal to me. Has anyone ever done this? It doesn't sound like I can get in any trouble doing this. I also understand that this will start my contract all over but I don't mind that either because I enjoy T-Mobiles services.
    2010-12-01 07:25 PM
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    The ETF is $325.

    And I believe if you terminate your contract after 30 days they will let you keep the phone.
    2010-12-01 09:36 PM
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    3. * Your Term of Service and Termination Fees. Your “Term” is the period of time for which you have agreed to maintain Service with us. Periods of suspension of Service do not count toward your Term. After your Term, you will become a month-to-month customer. Except for month-to-month customers, AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE WILL APPLY TO EACH LINE OF SERVICE IF YOU DO NOT MAINTAIN YOUR AGREED-UPON SERVICES THROUGH THE END OF YOUR TERM FOR THAT LINE OF SERVICE, OR IF WE TERMINATE YOUR SERVICE EARLY (see Section 18). THE EARLY TERMINATION FEE IS: $200 IF TERMINATION OCCURS WITH MORE THAN 180 DAYS REMAINING ON YOUR TERM; $100 IF TERMINATION OCCURS WITH 91 TO 180 DAYS REMAINING ON YOUR TERM; $50 IF TERMINATION OCCURS WITH 31 TO 91 DAYS REMAINING ON YOUR TERM; AND THE LESSER OF $50 OR YOUR MONTHLY RECURRING CHARGES (including any applicable taxes and fees) IF TERMINATION OCCURS IN THE LAST 30 DAYS OF YOUR TERM. Some Devices require maintaining certain features or Services (e.g. a data plan) as part of your Rate Plan, and cancelling them before the end of your Term will result in an Early Termination Fee. The Early Termination Fee is part of our rates and is not a penalty. The Early Termination Fee applies only to the extent permitted by law. If you terminate your Service, your termination will be effective at the end of your current billing cycle, and you will remain responsible for all fees and Charges for your Service and usage through the end of that billing cycle. If we terminate your Service, we will determine the date of termination, and you will be responsible for all usage and Charges through the date of termination. You can request that we port your number to another carrier, and Service for that number will be terminated when the porting is complete. If you port your number, you may be responsible for all usage and Charges through the end of your current billing cycle. If you bought your wireless Device from a Dealer, they may charge a separate fee associated with cancellation.
    2010-12-02 03:11 AM
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    Why can't you get an iPhone on Craigslist for about $400? A friend of mine sold me his new iPhone 4 for $100 and he had another he sold for $300. You can find deals out there.
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    2010-12-04 07:09 AM
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    There are plenty of people on craigslist that need money fast, but they usually sell within an hour or two.
    But i've gotten plenty of 3g's for 150 or lower, and the best part is ALOT of people don't really know the difference between the 3g and 3gs
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!
    2010-12-04 04:17 PM