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    Okay guys so I got a 4.1 unlocked, iPad baseband, iPhone 3GS, and I just unlocked it with ultrasn0w. The service goes from T-Mobile to no service every 5-10 minutes. Did anyone ever encounter this problem before and does anyone know how to fix it? Please let me know!

    If I have to restore it to a newer fw, please let me know step by step instructions on how to do it because I have the new iPad baseband and I wouldnt know how to upgrade it to a newer firmware.
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    2011-05-24 02:14 AM
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    Did you google to find info on using iPad baseband, I believe there is a problem with iPhones using the iPad baseband, I don't believe its fixable. I don't use unlock so I don't know what your options are at this point. Sorry
    2011-05-24 02:34 AM
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    I doubt thats the problem, my 3G is always good. I dont know why its doing this.
    2011-05-24 03:08 AM