1. Blochead21's Avatar
    I use to have my laptop make an adhoc wifi network for my iPhone 4 to connect to but when i went to go start it back up again it wouldn't connect to the internet.

    I have it set with a SSID and WEP password, the iphone sees it and connects to it but doesnt show that i am actually connected, like with the little wifi logo at the top. And when i look in my Network settings it only says that it is connected "local" and not to the internet.

    Im not to sure how to get this to work again, but i need it since i have no service where i live.

    Can any one help me?


    iPhone 4 - 4.3.3- Tmo
    Vista SP 2
    2011-06-23 01:10 AM
  2. Mes's Avatar
    The WiFi status icon appears --after-- the iPhone receives all the network information (IP, Gateway, DNS) from the DHCP server. It sounds like Vista is not doing it's job. Delete and re-create the ad-hock network and try again. Note: an ad-hock network is your own personal creation (name/pwd,etc). A reboot might help too.

    On the iPhone, try deleting (forget) the network and try connecting again.
    2011-06-23 02:44 AM