1. digitalreflex's Avatar
    Please help me out if I'm missing something. I currently have a 3gs with tmobile on the prepaid using it pay as I go. If I want internet I can buy the 1.49 day pass. I was thinking of the idea of getting an actual plan since I like data (don't make many phone calls). Here is what I see as options:
    - 1 - stay with prepaid and pay 50 a month for unlimited phone, text, and data (after 200 it goes to 2g speeds but i'm limited to that anyway w/ the iphone)


    - 2 - sign a contract for post paid and pay 60 a month for the same thing

    Unless I'm missing something staying prepaid is the way to go.
    Oh, and since I buy my minutes online at a site that often gives 10% discount codes (not sure if it's ok to list sites so I'll leave it out) so that prepaid option can be even cheaper than 50.
    2011-06-29 07:47 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    You've got it good on prepaid. Don't see a need for you to tie yourself down to a plan. T-Mobile offers some of the best prepaid options, if I wasn't so stingy about having 3G speeds and better coverage, I would've stayed on my T-Mo Flexpay lol.

    I think you're good with what you've got. Plus signing up for a new plan is a pain in the butt, you have to pay a month in advanced for the first month so your bill is nearly double. That and you're stuck with 2 years, what if something came up in the future and you want to switch or something?
    2011-06-30 09:02 PM