1. avawdrey's Avatar
    I just read that the iPhone 4 will be coming to T-Mobile and i had a few questions I was hoping someone could answer. Well I got an iPhone 4 unlocked with gevey sim, its working on tmobile. I was wondering if and when this does happen, will i just be able to take out the gevey sim and it will work? or will i have to get a official "T-Mobile iPhone 4" to do this? and if I am able to just take out the gevey sim will 3g/4g start to work also?
    FYI this is the site i read the info iPhone 4 is COMING TO TMOBILE !!!
    help is really appreciated, thanks
    2011-07-26 04:06 AM
  2. GenesisDH's Avatar
    *If* the rumors are true, you'll have to buy a T-Mobile-locked or officially unlocked iPhone to make it work on T-Mobile without Ultrasn0w or SIM imposters.
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    2011-07-26 04:21 AM
  3. GodStang's Avatar
    This will have to be a new phone completely unless T-Mobile is changing all their towers. when you use a iPhone on tmobile you do not get 3G but only the edge network. The iPhone uses 1900 for 3G and T-Mobile uses 1700 and I think 2100 for 3G. So in order to get 3G the new iPhone would have to run at 1700 or towers changed to run 1900. We will have to wait and see.
    2011-07-26 09:16 PM