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    So I've always had internet2.voicestream.com as my APN. A few weeks ago, the data on my phone stopped working altogether. I tried other APN's, but I'd get either no connection or a page telling me I needed to upgrade my plan. I finally called and asked for tech support, and they told me I needed a 'smartphone' data plan, that the plan I had didn't even support the iPhone, and that they were surprised it was ever working to begin with.

    Well I didn't change anything, just sat frustrated for a few days.. and lo and behold, it randomly starts working again.. for about a week. It cut out yet again, from what I noticed, a day or two... and now it works again.

    Has this been happening to anyone else?

    Why is there smartphone and non-smartphone data, and what's the difference?

    How on earth does T-Mobile even have the liberty to designate that the iPhone is a 'smartphone', when they don't even support it?? -I asked the lady on the phone this, and she said they don't and the software on the phone is detected automatically.
    - Dai

    Oh Apple, how I loath thee. Why do I still use your products???
    2011-08-30 06:53 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    There's no difference. T-Mobile tells that to people so they have to pay more I used the 9.99 web2go plan for a long time before I switched to AT&T and never had a problem. However, maybe times have changed since this was a while back for me and T-Mobile is cutting it off.

    No idea why it is sometimes working and sometimes not though. Maybe your coverage or the towers are malfunctioning.
    2011-09-09 01:11 AM