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  1. phineasboggs's Avatar
    On my new iPhone 4, (sans SIM) there is nowhere I can find to enter my contacts to send email. I thought that was all downloaded from my Gmail account? I can't find where to enter that info, and I don't want to import the ones that are on my SIM card (I wents so far as to create a new gmail account with limited contacts) when I finally do have the right one.

    Is there a trick to entering contact list info, or must I wait to install micro SIM?
    2011-12-04 11:37 AM
  2. Ibaad's Avatar
    Sync your gmail account as an Exchange account, and be sure to select "contacts" in the sync options.

    A tutorial is here: Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device - Google Mobile Help
    2011-12-06 10:47 AM
  3. phineasboggs's Avatar
    Thanks Ibaad! Done. Your response is right on-target and quite appreciated.
    2011-12-06 11:35 AM
  4. Ibaad's Avatar
    Glad to have been of help

    I love using my google account through Exchange. I never lose phone numbers, and contact's different numbers and email addresses all stay together. Moreover, the google calendar sync is superb! I find it easier to have my mac and iphone each independently sync with google rather than having my mac and iphone sync together, as that method often yields double contacts and such. Also, google syncs with everything (i.e. outlook, whentowork, etc...)
    2011-12-06 12:34 PM
  5. phineasboggs's Avatar
    Interesting. I'm not sure why everything doesn't sync through basic gmail address as a contact. Or why I have to use Exchange. But on my other iPhone, I deactivated the regular. Whatever works!
    2011-12-06 12:39 PM