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    Okay so some people may have been a bit put off by that. I didn't steal anyone's cell phone, nor SIM card, I have my own T-Mobile SIM Card and service, and I noticed that it allows me to change the number on MY card as well as the SIM card we found in the LG Phone. Does this number stay? Does it have actual effect? If I change my number will I actually be able to use the new number or will it default me back to the number received when I activated my T-Mobile account?

    So I was browsing through my phone settings, and noticed something that struck me as odd. Now maybe I've just never noticed it before until now, or it is a result of having an activated T-Mobile SIM card from an LG Android handset found in the road, but I noticed an arrow next to the phone number. I blew it off at first thinking, of course, 'no way'. Well I went back, and sure enough it took me to a phone number edit screen. Now has this been there, on the iPhone 2G, the whole time? I'm running 3.1.3 and I can't quite recall any time that I've tried actually USING this option.
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    2011-12-23 06:44 AM
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    I think it changes your caller ID. The only major effect changing the number had to me was for FaceTime calling and iMessage.
    2011-12-24 05:44 PM
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    So it'll show up as a different number to someone I call, but if they try to call that number, or text it, it won't actually go through? Or will it just route their call back to my original number?
    2011-12-24 05:57 PM
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    in essence, i believe that's what happens. the number you were given by the phone company is the only one people can contact you at.
    2011-12-25 07:58 AM