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  1. CyanideDN's Avatar
    I don't have a data plan and was charged with a few bucks when tmobile enabled the pay per use data policy a few months ago. I called up tmobile to have data blocked but apparently some leaked through and I got charged again the following month. Didn't feel like getting charged again so I disabled "cellular data" under network settings. Problem now is that my mms messaging which worked flawlessly before is no longer working for sending or receiving mms.

    Is there a way to disable EDGE/data without affecting the MMS capability?

    iPhone 3gs unlocked on iOS 5
    Unlimited text and picture messaging
    No subscribe data plans
    2011-12-25 01:43 AM
  2. kvizzel's Avatar
    mms uses data.

    why not contact tmobile and tell them you had the data blocked, why would you have to pay.

    anyways the plans are pretty cheap now.
    5 bucks for 200mb plenty for just MMS
    10 bucks for unlimited 2 gbs throttled after.
    2012-01-03 09:52 AM
  3. Strider460's Avatar
    Mms does NOT require data
    I am also trying to find out the answer to this problem so please refrain from spreading lies about things you know nothing about.
    2012-02-06 05:43 AM
  4. Gjohnson7's Avatar
    This would be nice to know for my wife's phone.
    2012-02-20 02:03 AM
  5. didadee's Avatar
    me too. i was about to post this question if i need data plan from tmobile to send/receive pix mms text message. anyone knows? many thanks!
    2012-03-15 03:35 AM
  6. vimm's Avatar
    MMS for iPhone using with t mobile no need data plane.but you need text message plane.
    2012-03-16 12:07 AM
  7. didadee's Avatar
    Thank you vimm. One question pls. Which one should I have set on in setting ... Cellular or data roaming in order to send and receive pix mms without turning on Internet? Thank you again!
    2012-03-16 06:13 PM
  8. vimm's Avatar
    cellular and data roaming turn on.make sue you call t mobile to block no internet access for the line without data plane.because t mobile try to charge you even you not setting for internet.they say you have smart phone.
    2012-03-16 10:52 PM