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    And thisFacetime, iMessage, Push Notifications on iPhone 4  iOS 5-imageuploadedbymodmyi1327625984.980021.jpg
    2012-01-27 01:58 AM
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    MiTime not free apps.
    2012-01-27 02:42 AM
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    Lol I know i will pay did before on the iPhone 4 I tried Sam itunes did not work
    2012-01-27 02:49 AM
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    Alright so i'm posting this because i got all this working on my iPhone and havent seen any instructions on how to do it.
    So first of all, I'm on iOS 5.0.1 Untethered jailbreak and unlocked with the gevey sim
    I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your phone
    Alright so first of all your gonna have to be on 5.0.1 (have not tried all of this on any other fimwares)
    Second Your gonna have to be using the gevey sim ultra i have not tried with the ultrasn0w unlock because i do not have a compatible baseband
    So let's get started:
    Take out your gevey sim until i tell you to put it in in this process
    1.Go to Cydia and add this repo: http://repo.bingner.com
    2.Search for SAM and install it
    3.It'll ask you to either reload the springboard or reboot
    4.Go into the App SAM Prefs and go into Utilities
    5.Click on revert lockdownd to stock
    6.once it says succes click on de-activate iphone(push)
    7.connect your iphone to your computer and sync it with itunes itll ask you if you want it to automatically sync apps music, etc.... Choose whatever you prefer and name it whatever you want
    8.You might get an error after its done syncing and backing up if you do ignore it if you dont then your still ok
    9.Go into SAM Prefs and check more information and make sure it says wildcard activated if so then Congrats Push notifications work on your iphone now
    (To test Push Notifications download iPusher from the appstore)

    Now put in your gevey sim and follow its instructions on how to unlock it
    Once your done follow the next set of steps to get Facetime and iMessage to work
    Note: If once your done with all of this your signal only shows one bar then just simply download ultrasn0w.

    Facetime & iMessage
    1.Go into cydia and add this source: Cydia.pushfix.info
    2.download mitime and it'll remove SAM but you dont have to worry about that and itll ask you to respring or reboot
    3.once your done downloading go into the mitime app and accept or agree the message that it brings up and then just wait until its done getting the info
    4.once the info is all up then get out of the app and go into settings
    5.go into the facetime tab and turn it off and on 2 times
    6.double click the home button and hold down on the mitime app
    7.click on the minus so it fully closes the app
    And there you have it
    iMessage and Facetime and push notifications working on ios 5
    If it does not work then simply try again
    it took my friend a few tries following these steps but he got it working

    BTW:Im new to modmyi so Hello modmyi members
    Thanks man!! This had me stumped for a minute. Everything works perfect!
    2012-01-31 12:15 PM
  5. Elfanatico9's Avatar
    Was sending an iMessage today and my friends said they receive my email and it doesn't show up as my number on their phones. iMessage says waiting for activation. Anyone have an idea on how i can make my phone number recognizable to other iMessage users instead of my email?
    2012-01-31 10:02 PM
  6. rosel_player's Avatar
    I can help you with the certificate issue
    Message me
    [email protected]
    2012-02-14 02:28 PM
  7. stevejibs's Avatar
    I'm on iOS 5.1 tethered jailbreak and unlocked with the gevey sim. Has anyone tried this method with this setup yet?
    2012-03-12 01:35 AM
  8. osofast240sx's Avatar
    What is a Gevey sim?
    2012-03-12 02:58 PM
  9. dsmdc5's Avatar
    Will this work with ios 5.1? I am unlocked with gevey ultra and tethered jailbreak
    2012-03-19 06:17 PM
  10. Cmds187's Avatar
    Give it a try??worked for me before iPhone 4 Gevey Tmobile, but not now on iPhone 4s factory unlocked mitime say's connect to Internet don't know why because I have data
    2012-03-19 06:41 PM
  11. CeSqBrOkEn's Avatar
    Hey guys sorry i havent been on to help anyone
    im about to restore my phone and jailbreak it and try all this again
    2012-04-02 10:50 PM
  12. misterdobi's Avatar
    I installed SAMPrefs and see that the ActivationState is WildcardActivated.
    I also see in the Utilities section, Push Utils: Disabled.

    How can I get the PUSH working again?
    2012-05-20 12:54 PM
  13. drsidarora's Avatar
    just bought i phone today..
    this was the first thing i did...

    no even installed any app...
    friend gave me cydia... and then your noobie friendly tutorial ...wow...thanks man
    2012-06-21 08:42 PM
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