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    I have 3gs - 4.1 with T-mobile Even More Plus™ 500 Talk with FlexPay® -- $42 month in Austin TX. (no -text or data included )

    I have home wifi connected the iPhone to the world wide web.
    I have few questions:
    1) How can I use my iPhone as usb modem / wifi relay for my Laptop running Ubuntu 10.10 ( assuming the my laptop's wireless adapter is off and I want to use iPhone as the network modem) ?
    Is Mywi and Tetherme the solution (just to confirm -- before paying $20 thru Cydia )?

    2) What s the best plan that I can use via T-mobile right now to get unlimited high speed data web access to tether to my laptop Ubuntu or Windows ?
    It seems that they only offer 10Gb of high speed data max for cell plans, is this true ?
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