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    I've change my T-Zones thanks to the major thread, I was very please with the speed. But it seems like I lost my Wi-Fi, I've looked for every possible answer today but can't find one, please help. I need Wi-Fi for my work.
    2007-10-03 12:44 AM
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    need more info...errors, does it appear, can you see other networks, can you connect.....???
    2007-10-03 01:34 AM
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    we need more specific infos so we can help. does it show edge cannot connect?
     Think Different
    2007-10-03 01:37 AM
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    Same thing happened to me .. ! the only resolution i found was to restore there was nothing i could do to reverse the .plist file . if thats what you did over wrote the plist file... restore you phone by useing the itunes .. but do it like the downgrader way -- you download the 1.0.2 restore file on you r pc - unzip it on ur desktop and hook the phone to itunes -- DISABLE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION JUST TO BE CAREFUL SO THAT ITUNES CAN NOT UPDATE IF YOU HIT ANY WRONG BUTTON ) then hold shift and hit restore in itunes (Please make surE you don' t hit Restore & update in hurry ) if when holding down the Shift and clicking on restore in itunes it doesn't bring up a new window to locate the 1.0.2 file just try it again it will work Hold shift and click restore again and please keep trying. so now lets imagin u hit the shift and HIT Restore and u got a window , now locate the 1.0.2 restore file on you r computer and double click on the restore file, this will start restore process .. don't worry about itunes updateing your firmware, IT WILL ONLY RESTORE AT THIS TIME. you won' t have to unlock the phone since it is allready unlocked but you will have to go thru jailbreaking and activation. so after this process finishes phone will restart, and bring you to Activation screen (activate via itunes) Now PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PUT AN At&T sim in the phone and then start jailbreaking ... and then activate your device.

    i did this last night grrrr !! i rather pay 19.00 for total internet and get faster speed ..and not have to loss out of the wi - fi pluse i noticed -- the internet became awfully slow when i did the t-zones method ..

    IF you need more direction on how to restore just go at here its a good set of steps

    Tip- all your contacts will be restored once you sync your phone with itunes after activation-i tunes will tell you that there was a device syned would you like to restore ! Just Chose the magin "YES"
    Restore to 1.0.2

    activating and jailbreaking instructions -

    thanks to hacktheiphone.com for dumming this out .

    Props too everyone who put this Downgrade method togeather !! IF you put any effort in this method THANK YOU ! & Thank you Modmyiphone.com !! for ongoing support & for putting this Awsom Site togeather !~
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    2007-10-05 01:33 AM