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    I downloaded and installed euwarss siri app that did not work on my iphone 4 (did not realize it was the interface only?). Anyway, it disabled my voice commands and I want to undo this. I can easily undo the assistant added to the plist, but I do not know what the assistant services replaced, so I do know how to roll this back.

    When I loaded itunes I noticed I did not have the option to restore (shaded out). How do I fix this OR how can I reinstalled the voice commands? I would rather fix the voice command instead of wiping the iphone and starting all over. I am running 5.0.1 with 01.59.00 firmware.

    After thinking about it, I probably need to figure out why the restore backup is shaded out as well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Okay, I figured out how to undo and restore my voice commands. Can anyone help me with the shaded out backup button?
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