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  1. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Every try using a custom IPSW? I'm kinda confused by this all...
    2012-06-16 11:39 AM
  2. phanguin's Avatar
    Turn off your "Find My Iphone" from your Icloud account and reset your iphone, + if you did a restore, you need to skip logging in/making an account while you're activating your Iphone. Once you have signal with T-mobile, dial *#5005*7672# if it's +12063130004 (Tmobile usa smsc) then you're good, if it's some other number then dial **5005*7672*+12063130004#, log into Icloud and turn off "Find My Iphone" reset Iphone, and you're golden. My Sprint Iphone 4s couldn't pick up Tmobile signal sometimes when i was resetting my Sprint Iphone 4s so i had to downgrade it back to 5.0.1.

    I followed this youtube instruction if it helps any of you.
    It helped me. just make sure you don't log into anything until your Tmobile sim in your iphone gets signal.
    2012-06-17 01:54 PM
  3. iphonemedic's Avatar
    2012-06-21 03:47 PM
  4. cenopant's Avatar
    just Turn On airplane mode, reboot, turn off airplane mode
    2012-06-21 08:22 PM
  5. tencul's Avatar
    Thanks for michaelmadden8 for his posting...
    I was able to send SMS. note: you must do this everytime you reboot. kind pain.

    I have saved the this string as a contact, so after I do not have to retype it. This is for T-Mobile.

    I've got an iPhone 4s unlocked for tmobile with gevey sim ultra s running iOS 5.1.1/2.10.12. I was able to send texts after trying many different solutions. Everytime my phone was restored from back up or restarted, I would loose the ability to send sms. After successfully being able to change the smsc number multiple, I have found the solution on how to get it back after it's lost.

    After you accept Gevey unlock prompt, you are on t-mobile network,
    4. add the network smsc you want to send texts on by calling **5005*7072*SMSCNUMBER#
    5. once the no address message appears, immediately power down without hitting dismiss.
    6. pop out sim and power iphone back on
    7. after phone is power up, insert the gevey with sim, do the airplane mode on and off to start searching,
    once you are on the T-mobile network, you are able to do SMS.

    In order to make MMS to work, my phone is jail broken, I installed the T-Mobile US MMS Fix from
    here is the link on how to

    Note: install this MMS fix will requires a reboot, hence it will kill your SMS fixes you did in the part 1. So you must do MMS fixes first.
    then do the SMS fixes in part 1 to make both SMS and MMS to work.

    Once you installed T-Mobile MMS Fix from, if your mms stops working, simply do modify and reinstall the same app again.

    Spent way tooo000 much time on getting this 4s to work on T-MObile. hate T-Mobile.
    2012-06-25 05:07 PM
  6. Chocolatesmurf's Avatar
    Will try but the tmobile service is fine it's the Gevey that sux. The gevey for iPhone 4 came out defective
    2012-06-27 01:50 PM
  7. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Will try but the tmobile service is fine it's the Gevey that sux. The gevey for iPhone 4 came out defective
    Then try getting a new one -_-
    2012-06-27 01:56 PM
  8. ckeppler1's Avatar
    Very important Info: You are going to need to go to your notes app and type in the entire string including the plus at the beginning e.g. **5005*7672*+13123149810# (that is the AT&T US svc center #)then copy it! and paste to your phone app where the number normally appears at the top. It is the only way I know to get the plus sign in and it will not work if it is not there.
    2013-08-29 02:10 PM
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