1. phineasboggs's Avatar
    I have taken several photos and suddenly cannot upload. The photos are on the iPhone.

    Two different things happen:
    1. When I plug in my iphone, nothing happens. Usually a W Media window would open and I could quickly upload.
    2. Sometimes, the Media Window does open, but all the newer photos have a red-X and are not uploadable.
    3. The iPhone is not recognized on my computer.

    Dunno what I did wrong. Once, a week or so ago, I did open iTunes, but, AFAIK, didn't do anything nor did I sign in or authorize any changes to my phone.

    Also, recently, there is this freakin HDR off on the iphone. Mostly, it turns itself on, and makes rapid photos impossible.

    Any ideas or feedback?

    2012-04-10 03:14 PM
  2. phineasboggs's Avatar
    Anyone here have any ideas? Is there another forum where I should post? I rebooted and still the same problem but the scanner and camera wizard did invoke. But about 50 photos are Xd out and not uploading. And, it seems the phone isn't discoverable.
    2012-04-11 01:33 AM
  3. phineasboggs's Avatar
    Solved. Thanks for all your input and help in troubleshooting!
    2012-04-13 12:16 PM
  4. MrWHOx's Avatar
    How did you fix it?
    2012-04-14 09:24 PM