1. ductien_saigon's Avatar
    I tried all the things to fix this issue: added source pushfix to install Tmobile MMS fix.
    source leimobile to install Tmobile MMS fix.
    followed all the thread here for the not jailbreak iphone 4.x to 5.x
    back up itunes and correct the mms apple split.

    But it does not work right. take long time to send the MMS for some contact. and some time cannot send any MMS.
    Cannot send MMS for some contact. receiveing is ok some time.

    Please help me to fix this. I have no clue for this issue.
    mine is Tmobile 5.0.1 Iphone 4S unlocked by SAM
    2012-04-26 03:47 AM
  2. leggomyeggo's Avatar
    Im having the same issue, however Imessages are also not working. When I attempt to activate them, The slider will not stay on, It immediately slides back to off. Previously I had them working with my Tmobile number by altering the carrier.bundle.plist, but now it will not take. Also, Data is not staying active on the device when I restart it, the only way to activate it is by entering epc.tmobile.com in the data apn settings each time I restart my device. I've achieved a partial solution to the Imessaging issue by placing an ATT sim in, and syncing with itunes, however that only allows me to send via my email. Does anyone have any idea what else i can do?
    2012-04-26 08:11 PM
  3. sooperdood3's Avatar
    i was having the same issue. once i deleted my icloud account off the phone everything worked fine.
    2012-05-23 12:07 AM