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    In a nutshell.
    I cut a little bit of the gold off the sim card by accident when creating the microsim.

    The thing fits it the iphone fine and I get a 'no service' message. I do not get the 'invalid sim' message.

    Tried activating with SAM literally yesterday for 8 hours. (literally) to no avail.

    I hear apple is making SAM not work anymore.

    Do you guys think the reason that Tmobile is not working on my iphone is because I cut a bit of gold off the side of the sim card by accident (I even printed a template offline and tried to be as careful as possible) or because of apple deactiviating sam?

    EDIT: btw it is iphone 4 5.1 jailbreak
    2012-04-27 03:40 PM
  2. emericana's Avatar

    well i will find out within 7 days. i decided to call ATT and they are sending me a unlock code!!!!!!!

    if i botched the sim will just go to the store and get a tmobile one.
    2012-04-27 05:29 PM