1. k3u's Avatar
    Since I just figured out that SAMs Prefs does not work anymore, I was going to unlock my friend's dad's iPhone. However, turns out it doesn't work anymore. =.= I cut his sim, thank god I have a SIM extender. Anyways, what are my options now to unlock this iPhone 4? I've done a fair amount of googling and it keeps showing "scam" websites that claims to unlock your iPhone via MEID. But I know those are fake. So what are my current options? I haven't been kept up to date ever since I unlocked my iPhone via Gevey Sim on 5.0.1 on baseband 04.10.01.
    2012-05-09 05:19 AM
  2. hcgaloi's Avatar
    Your option would be carrier unlock. If the iPhone is lock to AT&T in the U.S., they have provided unlocking for a few weeks now. Initially, everybody can call in and request an unlock, however, they have changed the policy on eligibility recently. So you may want to give them a call.

    Also, to avoid scam on the internet, you may want to check imei unlock locally. Good luck
    2012-05-09 06:16 PM