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    Ok so here's the deal. I have an unlocked 4s iphone that I use on the t-mobile network. It was working fine for like 2 months and then all of a sudden my texts would just fail.

    I did the *#5005 trick and I got the texts to work for about a week.

    And then OUT OF NOWHERE, my phone lost the T-Mobile network and said, "NO SERVICE"

    I immediately said oh ****, now my texts aren't going to work. Sure enough, the SMS fails everytime.

    I know how to integrate my SMSCNUMBER and it still doesn't work. It just gives me the dreaded +7 address.

    I have also installed the Custom APN settings using site and it WILL NOT WORK. It doesn't change anything. It says I have it installed but it doesn't fix the problem.

    I have also changed sims twice and have a micro sim from T-Mobile in there right now. Phone works fine, I can browse the web, I can make calls, receive texts, BUT I CAN'T SEND THEM.

    What is my next choice here? How the hell can I get this too work?!?! Please, any help or input is appreciated and I will toss ya a bone through paypal if you can help me! PLEASE!

    I've googled this problem and have searched endless forums for an answer. I have TRIED EVERYTHING that I know and read. = doesn't fix it
    Changing SMSCNUMBER = doesn't fix it
    Restore = doesn't fix it
    Changed sims = doesn't fix it

    What the hell is the problem? I soooo want to tell T-Mobile to go scratch and go with another carrier but I'm in a contract so I'm screwed unless I figure this out....What is my next option my peoples?
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    I have THE EXACT SAME PROBLEMS..... I need some help too!!!
    2012-07-27 05:44 PM