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  1. majikcastle's Avatar
    I have a 4s 5.1.1. with gevey and jailbroken with absinthe
    My imessage was working fine with i5MMS but then my phone died on me and now my imessage toggle won't even turn blue and all my imessage threads are gone. how do i turn it back on?
    2012-09-15 07:58 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Is the device hacktivated.
    2012-09-15 07:59 PM
  3. majikcastle's Avatar
    I have no idea. Please elaborate.
    2012-09-15 08:00 PM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Did you activate the iPhone with the official SIM card (of the carrier) the phone is locked to.
    2012-09-15 08:01 PM
  5. majikcastle's Avatar
    I don't think so. I restored the phone before and the gevey along with my simple mobile sim was in there.
    2012-09-15 08:03 PM
  6. i.Annie's Avatar
    So you were only able to access the phone past the emergency call screen via jailbreaking the device first or did it activate with your simple mobile SIM + Gevey?

    I ask because hacktivating (jailbreak before official activation) will disable Push, iMessage, Facetime, and Youtube or at least some of those features.
    2012-09-15 08:05 PM
  7. majikcastle's Avatar
    It's probably hacktivated then, I honestly don't remember what I did. My facetime and youtube still work though and Push.
    2012-09-15 08:08 PM
  8. i.Annie's Avatar
    Well I can't really help you if I don't know for sure if it's hacktivated or not. I don't want to put you through a bunch of steps that might not fix the problem. I can walk you through it if you would still like to, even though the issue I have in mind might not be the cause.

    You could try a simple hard reset first to see if that'll fix the problem.
    2012-09-15 08:10 PM
  9. majikcastle's Avatar
    Let's say it is hacktivated. What would I do?
    2012-09-15 08:14 PM
  10. i.Annie's Avatar
    Do you have an official SIM card to activate it with? If not, you'll have a series of steps to follow.
    2012-09-15 08:17 PM
  11. majikcastle's Avatar
    I do not have an official sim
    2012-09-15 08:19 PM
  12. i.Annie's Avatar
    Well the issue present may be a lot more complicated than I thought. I could be wrong. It seems to be a problem more with the Gevey than with hacktivation.

    It requires quite a bit of modifications to system files to force iMessage to work properly with a Gevey unlock. That much is beyond my knowledge.

    If it were mine, I would honestly get a factory unlock on the device which are really cheap nowadays. Then all of this wouldn't be a problem at all.
    2012-09-15 08:25 PM
  13. majikcastle's Avatar
    Okay thank you so much for your help!
    2012-09-15 08:40 PM
  14. majikcastle's Avatar
    So I got iMessages to turn on again without restoring. I don't quite remember what I did but I think I just took out the sim and put it back in and it worked. But now my phone died again and now that doesn't work.

    I recently purchased a factory unlock. How do I activate iMessage when it's unlocked?
    2012-09-25 12:02 AM
  15. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Simply but turning it on in Settings. Being unlocked is no different then not being unlocked.
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    2012-09-25 12:06 AM
  16. i.Annie's Avatar
    +1. Hacktivation is usually the cause of iMessage not being able to be activated. You just need to ensure that you officially activate the phone in iTunes rather than hacktivating (jailbreaking before activating in iTunes).
    2012-09-25 08:51 AM
  17. Hoax537's Avatar
    I had the same issue with Gevey. Even restoring with AT&T sim wouldn't help. Factory unlocking did the trick for me. Fixed FaceTime and iMessage.
    2012-09-27 09:59 PM