1. tarheelwes's Avatar
    Ok, so I have an unlocked 4s i use with Tmobile here in Charlotte, NC.

    I also like to deer hunt and bird hunt up on the mountain counties (Western NC). And there, I have zero tmobile service....it's annoying, and frankly if anything ever happened to me while hunting alone I couldn't' even call for help.

    What I'm wondering is: is there a prepaid company out there that uses a sim chip that would work in my phone and give me potential coverage just while I'm hunting? The main network that DOES work in that area is Verizon. I'm not sure about Sprint.

    I have heard that these little prepaid phones use the other carriers networks, but is it possible for a sim chip using phone to access the network of a non-sim chip carrier (like verizon?).

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    2012-09-26 08:44 PM
  2. SnoWite's Avatar
    Dose AT&T have service there? If so buy a prepaid phone from Walmart. Cut the sim down and every time you go hunting switch to AT&T.

    If not maybe a prepaid Verizon would work.
    2012-09-27 08:29 PM
  3. tarheelwes's Avatar
    Yea, I can def get a prepaid verizon...i was just hoping to somehow still use my iPhone....not sure about AT&T working there, but if it did, it seems that my tmobile would switch over to AT&T (it's used that network before in other places when tmobile isn't there.)
    2012-09-27 09:27 PM