1. vincelac's Avatar
    Okay. I just received a iPhone 3G from a friend and it's 4.2.1. I want to put it on T-Mobile's network. I jailbroke it and got a SIM card and all that jazz, but the device won't find any networks to connect to in the wifi settings thus I am unable to connect it to the network. I tried going in an entering things manually but instead of having the option to edit the Cellular Network myself, the phone only gives me an option to either have Cellular data on or off. I am nearing the end of the rope here. I just want to get this damn thing on so I can be in contact with the world. I also tried using the apple configuration thing but that wasn't really helping because all of the websites give more information than the program asks. I just would really like someone to help me figure this one out.

    Before anyone asks, yes: I reset the network configurations. 18 times.
    2012-12-28 06:17 AM
  2. mustangfrnk's Avatar
    What baseband version is it on?
    2012-12-28 07:28 AM
  3. vincelac's Avatar
    2012-12-28 11:20 PM
  4. idealist's Avatar
    Try APN Editor from Cydia and enter the correct settings for t-mobile there.
    2012-12-29 04:08 AM
  5. vincelac's Avatar
    After much bugging around, I figured out what was wrong. My baseband or whatever was not 6.15.000 or whatever. I needed to update that and I found a fix to my wifi issues. My phone is on and great. Thanks for the help guys.
    2012-12-29 06:04 AM