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  1. hackerd00d's Avatar
    anyone tryed it yet? currently jailbroke 3s runs fine on 5.1.1 with redsn0w on t-mobile what will upgrading it going to 6.XX? then jailbreaking it with evasi0n? run faster? should i even bother messing with it? any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    2013-02-05 02:53 PM
  2. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    from my understanding we have to wait until redsn0w is updated for 6.1. Then we can create a custom ipsw that won't update the baseband; then you can restore with that and do the jailbreak. if anyone knows otherwise, I've been searching for information myself.
    2013-02-06 05:29 AM
  3. hackerd00d's Avatar
    Thanks, it seems from what im reading about evasion, they make it seem you just have to upgrade to 6.1.1 then just run evasion and follow the steps, i remember i had to upgrade my baseband to get redsn0w to jailbreak it.guess we will have to wait and see.
    2013-02-06 11:48 AM
  4. hackerd00d's Avatar
    updated iphone 3s to 6.1.2 ran evasi0n, took a few attempts to get it but its done, down loaded everything that was on original jailbreak and now it wont find t-mobile put in apn , http ect..any ideas ? anyone?
    2013-02-21 12:34 AM
  5. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    was your phone factory unlocked or were you using ultrasn0w?
    2013-02-21 12:46 AM
  6. hackerd00d's Avatar
    2013-02-21 01:44 AM
  7. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    did you preserve your baseband before you upgraded?
    2013-02-21 01:49 AM
  8. hackerd00d's Avatar
    from what i read i didnt need to be, its 05.16.08
    2013-02-21 02:08 AM
  9. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    ultrasn0w does not work on that baseband.

    on cydia is says it supports:
    1.59.00 ip4

    your options are to unlock it via imei or get a gevey sim, i dont know how gevey's work so i can't help you there.

    here's someone else with your problem:after install ios 6.1 my ipohne baseband is 5.16.08 and ultrasn0w does not work .... now I am in problem and tell me what can i do plzzzz help me?????? - JailbreakQA

    you can try this answer here:
    or this
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    2013-02-21 02:33 AM
  10. hackerd00d's Avatar
    damn......gotta be another way to flash it back to an earlier baseband, ok i restored it now can i use redsn0w to change the baseband to an earlier or diff baseband? then jailbreak it?
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    2013-02-21 12:43 PM
  11. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    I think you have to flash the ipad baseband to it
    2013-02-21 09:21 PM
  12. hackerd00d's Avatar
    yeah i messed up on this one,should have left well enough alone with the redsn0w jailbreak on it, thought i had it. feeling a lil noobish about, bought a unlock code off ebay, waiting on it now. thanks for the help!.
    2013-02-21 09:28 PM
  13. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    yea that should work out. it's much better anyway, I ended up doing the same thing and now I never have to worry about basebands or ultrasn0w. let me know if the code works
    2013-02-21 09:29 PM
  14. hackerd00d's Avatar
    code worked great, 3.99 on ebay, having problems sending pic messages though, still messing with the settings in cellular data. hopfully ill get it... i couldnt stand my old tmobile phone, glad to have my iphone back!
    2013-02-22 12:11 PM
  15. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    glad its working! what ebay user did you use for the unlock? for future reference. I paid more for mine.

    also tmobile APN settings.
    T-Mobile Internet and picture messaging settings for Apple« iPhone« Support | T-Mobile
    2013-02-22 07:05 PM
  16. hackerd00d's Avatar
    thanks, i had those settings before, worked for the jailbreak but not for the unlock, had to use and mmsc:, notice the caps in MSG, that also made a difference, but man do i miss my cydia! if ultasn0w ever updates the baseband for 5.16.08, ill deff jailbreak it again, seeing its already permanently unlocked now, i actualy tested it , there was a left over evais0n icon on it, that wouldnt delete when i unlocked it, so i restored it with no up is a 4gs(cracked screen) my daughter got from a friend, having a new screen installed then ill jailbreak that with evaisi0n.she also loves her cydia !

    seller>Unlock order status/New Order - Cell Phone Unlock Code : IMEI Unlock Codes : GSM Unlock Code : Apple iPhone Unlocking
    2013-02-22 08:38 PM
  17. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    you can jb your device, and you dont need ultrasnow anymore
    2013-02-23 01:08 AM
  18. hackerd00d's Avatar
    smooth installation went off with out a hitch!good to see cydia back on it! first download, drowning pool, let the bodies hit the floor ringtone!
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    2013-02-23 01:07 PM
  19. hackerd00d's Avatar
    latest update ,it stopped sending picture messages was working and stopped.
    2013-02-23 10:03 PM