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  1. JBaMust's Avatar
    I just recently upgraded from iPhone 4s to a 5s it's an AT&T original but factory unlocked using it on T-Mobile with IOS 7.1.2, right when I got it I immediately had it jailbroken and added the tweaks I had on my 4s before even using it, right when I started using it I noticed that anytime I received a voicemail I was receiving a transcribed text message of the voicemail, but after of couple of days I had no choice but to restore my iphone and to have it jailbroken all over again due to the installation of a non complaint app that I tried to install and forced me to restore, after the new restore and jailbreak I am no longer getting the voicemail transcription and the problem is that I have no idea how I got that the first time, I was wondering if it was an included feature from the 5s or something that was installed from the jailbreak, I would love to have that feature back on my iPhone, specially because the text message that delivers the transcription is delivered as if the caller sent you the text so it makes it even easier to reply with a text or call back;
    Does anyone have any idea how I can get the feature back?
    2014-08-15 04:51 PM
  2. Miz.Michele's Avatar
    I have no idea? We're you using google voice by chance?
    2014-08-24 02:50 AM
  3. JBaMust's Avatar
    I have checked a few forums to see if I find the answer and everything keeps pointing out to Google voice but although I have a Google voice account, since I opened that account I have never really use it for phone purposes only for emails, I had that email setup on the iPhone during that time if that had anything to do with it, but then again I have it setup now and I have always had it,
    in short I have a feeling that Google voice had nothing to do with it.
    All I know it's that it was a really cool feature and I would be happy to have it back.
    2014-08-24 05:51 AM