1. Ny2Lv's Avatar
    I have verizone and want a tmobile iphone my contract ends this month and dont want at&t it sux in my area so tmobile here I come I want the Iphone what I wanted to know is there any down falls to using the IPhone with tmobile does all the apps work also can I use my 5 fav on the IPhone also can I still use tmobiles unlimited txt/pic messaging .... Please can anyone help
    2008-03-26 08:08 AM
  2. wythyntime's Avatar
    From what I've noticed... MobileIM doesn't work with edge and no visual voicemail... Other than that.. its great.
    2008-03-26 06:12 PM
  3. jtesnani's Avatar
    msn messenger in MobileChat does work with edge but not aim. i've only tested those two.

    @ny2lv: tmobile works fine on the iphone after you jailbreak/activate/unlock it. you can use my5fave plan on it but the 5 icons won't show up on the phone. search this forum and you should find an answer. you can use the unlimited text message plan but the iphone itself does not support picture messaging. there's an app you can download from installer after jailbreaking it. again, do a search and you'll find an answer.
    2008-03-26 06:42 PM
  4. smirkis's Avatar
    i use tmobile, u dont need unlimited mms since the iphone uses edge to send them? atleast i think lol.

    i have tzones, so no youtube on tzones edge but u can use mxtube instead and i think its better. unlimited text is avail for 15.

    tmobile iphone is the way to go, no downfall, i think its better then at&t any day. id never use it

    every other app works flawlessly. most aim clients dont really work on edge anyway even on at&t but u can use web based im clients just fine
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    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-03-26 07:34 PM