1. Kayworm's Avatar
    i currently have a sidekick ID and im wanting a iPhone but i have a question for you guys.

    i have the sidekick unlt. plan (internet, email, text, pix messaging) and if i buy the iphone from my local apple store will i be able to unlocl it and use it with my tmobile sim card? and if so what all would i have to do?

    2008-03-28 05:48 AM
  2. mad_llib's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure you're Sidekick plan will not work with the iPhone... (I'm in the middle of the switch from SK3 to iPhone myself)

    All you'll need to do is switch your plan from the SK unlimited to either the T-zones or Unlimited Internet... from what I understand.
    2008-03-30 05:51 PM
  3. ctiaco's Avatar
    mad_ill is right you will have to call Tmobile and get T-zone plan... but heres the the kicker if you have the side kick on t mobile regular prepaid ((not there Flex play plan)) you can NOT have internet on the Iphone. But obvious regular monthly accounts you can

    Nelson Costa

    "Make a Decision and never look back"
    2008-03-30 08:16 PM