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  1. wildonrio's Avatar
    Whenever I open up Safari after having recently awakened my phone from sleep mode, the first webpage I go to always hangs forever while trying to load. This really sucks but fortunately, all I have to do is click the X and then refresh button in its place to make the page load.

    I've noticed a few others complaining about this, but I'm wondering why more aren't complaining.

    For those who this isn't happening to, can you tell us all of the steps your took to get your T-Zones to work?
    For those who this is happening to, can you comment here so the problem is more wide known, and possibly offer ideas?

    2007-10-08 10:27 PM
  2. durvivor's Avatar
    I also have this issue. When it happens I feel its like EDGE isn't awake, the first time I make a data request EDGE is all confused & disorientated (like when I get woken up by an alarm clock.) So, I pause, let EDGE gather its senses and wake up properly and then I ask it again for my data. Usually by this time EDGE has come to his senses and serves me up my data.

    I've been doing my one, two to wake EDGE up. First, I goto weather and wait for it to say "updating" I do this just to sort of say "hi" to edge to let him know I'm here. Then I flip to stocks and wait for it to say "updating" now EDGE knows I'm here and he is waking up. One last flip to weather usually does the job & I get almost an immediate response from Weather.

    I have trouble faulting t-moble as I am on the $5.99 t-zones. If I knew for certain I would not see the same issues I'd move to the $19.99 plan.
    2007-10-19 10:07 PM
  3. vampyros_wrath's Avatar
    I dont have this issue, I have the $5.99 plan with APN, the proxy and the modded prferences.plist found on this forum, hope this helps
    2007-10-20 02:19 AM
  4. wildonrio's Avatar
    Can you email me your proxy.pac and your preferences.plist? [email protected] Thanks
    2007-11-09 07:00 AM
  5. a.beam.reach's Avatar
    I used the hack at: It has worked very well for about a month with this one exception which I wonder if others have experienced. While mail and Safari seam to work quite well. . . . Weather, Stocks and Maps work irregularly. When updating weather it will more often than not ’stall’ when updating. BUT I can go to Safari and load a web page just fine. Is there a better hack? Is this just the way it is? It seems if I load a web page before trying weather, maps or stocks that they work a bit better. . . . almost as if I am 'waking' edge up.
    2008-01-29 06:44 AM
  6. m600i's Avatar
    I have the same problem with waking up edge, meaning it doesn't automatically check emails every hour like I have it set to unless edge is awake or I have to check weather or stocks twice. Is the iphone defective or just a software bug?
    2008-04-12 10:23 PM
  7. rdancaster44's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    I too had the same problem. Tzones was working great, except I had to refresh Safari most of the time to get the pages to load. I was using the APN, but then I read about the APN for prepaid folks, If you're paying for Tzones, use as your APN and you'll never get those pesky HTTP ERROR $CODE$ pages again!
    2008-09-30 02:24 PM
  8. seh6183's Avatar fixes this problem
    2008-09-30 07:54 PM