1. criz3r's Avatar
    I almost crap my pants when T-Mobile announced a 3G network, about 2 years ago, ;(

    Anyways, jailbreaking is not that much of a concern to me, the devteam is great and I have faith that they can jailbreak anything.

    I was excited that I would have a T-Mobile and iPhone on 3G, but... I read this article from February...


    It states that T-Mobile will use a "different" kind of 3G and any other 3G phone not T-Mobile won't be able to connect to it. Should I be worried?

    Thoughts, opinions?
    2008-04-03 03:19 AM
  2. Goten310's Avatar
    yeah i think we r SOL sadly. to get the spectrum needed to launch the network, T mobile had to buy spectrum that is off the usual standard. That means, new phones will have to add the T mobile US frequency to get 3g speeds and other 3g phones from Europe and what not will not work because the US frequency is a few ticks off the supported frequency.

    Yeah i was excited too when they announced 3g but the new 3g iPhone will not be compatible with the new T mobile 3g network unfortunately Android phone anyone?
    2008-04-03 06:24 PM
  3. criz3r's Avatar
    Would this be because that the 3G iPhone won't recognize it, or is it that just only T-Mobile phones will pick up the signal?

    Would it be a hardware or software problem?

    I'm hoping some kind of tweak can be made to a 3G iPhone for it to be compatible with T-Mobile 3G... I'd be willing to pay for a hardware tweak, saying that I just bought an 8GB in February and about to buy a 3G one soon.
    2008-04-04 12:01 AM
  4. Goten310's Avatar
    the problem is everything lol. Tmobile was stuck at buying the 1700/2100 spectrum from the Fcc auction. No one uses that specific sprectrum right now... yet. Most of the western hemisphere has adopted the 1700 spectrum to use in the future, not now.

    Att uses the 850/1900 spectrum for their 3g which the 3g iphone will probally use. Now it will probally be a tri band 3g radio for it to be compliant to use with the rest of the world, im guessing 850/1900/2100.

    Great!! Tmobile is using 1700/2100!!! No sorry, the T-mobile 2100 spectrum is a bit off with the standard 2100 so no go for that. So yeah I am just seeing it physically impossible for the 3g iphone to use the Tmobile 3g networks. **if i am wrong please someone chime in, I have been following the Tmobile 3g network for a while
    2008-04-04 12:42 AM