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    Hi, I downgraded my OTB 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 and unlocked it with the new IPSF v1.6. Now what are the steps I need to do in order to upgrade to firmware 1.1.1?
    2007-10-14 01:09 PM
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    Stage 1 - Downgrading iPhone to 1.0.2

    You can read the guide from Dev Team.

    Stage 2 - Before upgrading

    Step 1. Activate and Install SSH by using iNdependence. You also need to install AppTapp. Install Community Resources and BSD system under AppTapp Installer. Remember the iPhone IP address.

    Step 2. Open the iTunes first, make sure it is in the following state:

    Step 2

    Step 3. Keep iTunes open. SSH into your iPhone now under Terminal, and type the follow 2 command lines:

    mv /var/root/Media /var/root/Media.old
    ln -s / /var/root/Media

    Step 4. Type the following command line as we would like to use other SIM.

    cp /usr/libexec/lockdownd /var/root/lockdownd.1.0.2

    Step 3 & 4

    Stage 3 - Upgrading and iPHUC

    Step 5. Proceed to upgrade if your iTunes is the same as we saw in Step 2.

    Step 6. After you upgraded, quit iTunes. From now on, don’t open iTunes unless it is told to do so. Quit both iTunes and iTunesHelper using Activity Monitor of Mac OS X. Download and extract the new iPHUC. Navigate to the folder, and type:


    Step 7. Type ‘ls’, if it looked like this, all are okay.

    Step 7

    Step 8. Type the following to enable the read write mode:

    putjailbreak rdisk0s1 /dev/rdisk0s1

    Reboot the iPhone.

    Step 9. Type:

    getfile /etc/fstab fstab

    Step 10. Check the file ‘fstab’ from jailbreak folder. Open it using TextEdit, if it looks the same as following, than go on. Note that it should be ‘rw’ instead of ‘ro’:

    Step 10. The fstab file

    Stage 4 - Installing SSH (iPhone still in ‘Activate iPhone’ screen)

    Step 11. Run iNdependence. DON’T CLICK Activate iPhone tab. We should click ‘SSH’ Tab. Click ‘Install SSH’. Follow the on-screen guide. Note we suggest you to change the password by clicking ‘Change Password’. Type ‘root’ as username.

    Click ‘SSH’ Tab only

    Step 12. Clean the known SSH host history first under Fugu. Than, login to SSH. Noted we wrote down the iPhone IP address in Step 1, right? Type in the required information and login.

    Login to iPhone


    Step 13. Download the BSD-Base right here. Copy the ‘cp’, ‘mv’ and ‘rm’ binary from the ‘bin’ and copy ‘killall’ from the ‘usr/bin’ (of the extracted package). Put those copied files on ‘/usr/bin’ folder of iPhone.

    Upload the neccessary binary

    Stage 5 - Activating Non-ATT SIM

    Step 12. SSH your iPhone using Terminal. And, type the command to backup lockdownd file:

    cp /usr/libexec/lockdownd /var/root/lockdownd.1.1.1

    Step 13. Type to overwrite your previous lockdownd:

    cp /var/root/lockdownd.1.0.2 /usr/libexec/lockdownd


    Step 14. In the local iPHUC folder, you will find the iPhoneActivation.pem. Copy it to iPhone’s ‘/System/Library/Lockdown’. You can use Fugu or SSH it with the command:

    scp iPhoneActivation.pem [email protected][iPhone IP]:/System/Library/Lockdown/

    Step 15. Type the following under Terminal to reload the lockdown:

    killall lockdownd

    Step 16. Download iASign and extract it. Replace the iASign’s ‘bin’ folder ‘iPhoneActivation.pem’ file with the one in iPHUC extracted folder.

    Step 17. Navigate to the iASign folder, under terminal, type: ‘cd bin’ and also the following command:


    Activate iASign

    Step 18. Type the following restore the original lockdownd file. You iPhone now activated. Don’t open iTunes, reboot iPhone nor run iASign again. Keep your iPhone freeze a little while, it will be fine. :

    cp /var/root/lockdownd.1.1.1 /usr/libexec/lockdownd

    Stage 6 - Clean up and finalization

    Step 19. SSH using Fugu. Upload the included ’springpatch’ binary to iPhone’s ‘/usr/bin’

    Step 20. Execute it using Terminal.

    Step 21. Don’t use killall to restart Springboard. Instead, you reboot the iPhone by turning it off and on again.


    Step 22. SSH to your iPhone using Terminal, type:

    rm /var/root/Media
    mv /var/root/Media.old /var/root/Media



    If you need some pictures, click here:
    2007-10-14 05:53 PM
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    you shouldn`t have downgraded 1.1.1. all you had to do was jailbreak 1.1.1 and run simfree
    2007-10-14 06:04 PM
  4. eddy123's Avatar
    Yes if you have iPhone 1.0.2. If you are not, than you need to downgrade first.
    2007-10-14 06:16 PM
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    do someone have a tuturial for windows vista?
    2007-10-14 09:08 PM
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    I'm in a similar boat. Got 1.0.2 working IPSF 1.5 and want to go to 1.1.1. now.

    I'm guessing I should deactivate phone in 1.0.2, then update, then Jailbreak, then run IPSF 1.6?

    Can I miss any steps out?

    Should I do it in a different order or a different way?

    Confused /
    2007-10-16 02:04 PM