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    I have followed all the steps in the OSX tutorial but everytime I get to the 4th stage and attempt to connect with Cyberduck I get a timed out message (I am on SFTP, Port 22 and IP is correct).

    My iphone is working fine in all other aspects (youtube, browser all fine and works in latest version of itunes) but I canot get it to be recognised so that I can finalise the last steps in the unlocking process and enjoy making calls.

    I notice I am not the only one who has had this problem but I am not finding a solution... help!


    So I have followed all the steps again from the begining and pnce again i am failing to move past the point where i need to communicate via wifi to the iphone.

    The message I get is always timed out trying to connect to port 22. This is with various ftp programs and using the terminal.

    Could this be a hardware issue with the wifi network?

    I am writing this using my iphone and the wifi connection so I know there is nothing wrong with the phone... please some help here!


    Okay... I have to be honest this is starting to do my head in!

    I have figured out the connection problem incase anyone else out there has it. It comes from the way the router set up in the building is configured.

    There is a main router from where all the network connections in the building originate then another wirless router. Somewhere in the setup of the original router there is a problem/block on port 22 so the terminal couldn't connect and timed out.

    I have since found a wireless connection (ADSL I think) which is direct and that is allowing me to connect via the FTP software and the terminal.

    Now to see if I can do the next bit!

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