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  1. sillnye's Avatar
    hi...bought an iphone with 1.1.1 already on it. where do i get the proper guide to unlock this iphone to be able to use the phone and all other capabilities? can't seem to find it in a solid location...keep seeing guides for different methods but don't know which one to choose. thanks!
    2007-10-16 05:04 AM
  2. perrin21's Avatar
    at the moment you have three options.

    1 buy a Turbo sim and that will unlock your phone.
    2 Downgrade your software to 1.02 and then unlock your phone using anysim (however you will loose the features of 1.1.1
    3 Buy the latest version of iphone sim free $59 to unlock your phone.

    Personally i would wait a week or so until there is a free unlock method available, you can use independance to activate your phone and Jailbreak it in the meantime so that you can install some 3rd party apps.

    Hope this helps.
    2007-10-16 12:46 PM