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  1. gu014's Avatar
    I unlocked a virgin 1.1.1 iPhone using the independence help file for downgrade/upgrade and activation and then used anysim 1.1 to unlock.

    Everything went as expected and i the iPhones are unlocked. However, after doing the unlocks my loudspeaker stopped working on both iPhones. Sound from ipod and youtube(with no earbuds attached) was not coming out of the loudspeaker, only the earpiece which was very low(yes, volume was UP.)

    I then restored the iPhones and had to go through the entire independence 1.2.3 process and the loudspeakers worked fine after the restore.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Like i said, i followed the instructions verbatim and did not receive any errors that were unexpected.

    Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    2007-10-17 04:56 PM
  2. alphonso's Avatar
    Hey, I have a 1.0.2 and have a similar problem with speaker.
    the phone does NOT ring when a call comes in, no sound through the loudspeaker when a call is diverted to it, no ipod sound, no youtube sound, NOTHING. The normal earphone works fine, and the supplied earphones work aswell. everything is normal... sound fully up, not in vibrate only, etc....
    ive virginize my phone, updated, downgraded, cursed apple in my mind, and still nothing.
    please a fix for this or a place where i can order a new speaker for install. does not show an option for speaker.
    2007-11-12 07:12 PM
  3. flyingdoctor's Avatar
    I had something similar happen. I switched the phone to vibrate only then back to normal and that fixed the volume problem.

    2007-11-13 04:33 AM
  4. dictionary's Avatar
    Play youtube, or music, and plug in the headphones. Then unplug. That usually solves it.
    2007-11-13 04:54 AM