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    First i gotta thank all experts, moderator, and owners/creators of the guides and info listed on this forum, making the jailbreak/unlock process detailed and easy to follow for newbies like me trying to attain freedom for my iphone.

    However, trying to activate my iphone (using dev team's guide i got to step 5 of the jailbreak tutorial) I uploaded the "iphoneactivation.pem" file using iphoneinterface in the sshkit from natetrue

    1) is this step even correct? i figured out myself since no where in the guide does it says what to use to upload that file into /System/Library/Lockdown/, i guess its the only way by using iphoneinterface?

    2) strange thing happened... is that after the .pem file is uploaded into iphone, itunes and even windows can't detect the iphone at all, not even as a USB device. Sorta got "killed", no iphone detected. (Doubled checked the usb port status, applemobiledevice is started, usb port is confirmed working as usual as i plug my printer into it)

    And from than on i could not execute the activator file from iAsign, as it kept saying "waiting for iphone"

    Is this suppose to happen? Perhaps anyone could shed some light on what i did not/should do? Appreciate any bit of info, as i have been trying w/o success for the past 3 days...thanks..

    status: never unlocked b4, upgraded to 1.1.1 OTB
    system: windows xp
    2007-10-18 06:53 AM
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    thread moved!!!
    2007-10-18 07:29 AM