1. gu014's Avatar
    I was wondering where the correct files are for editing your Carrier Settings in 1.1.1. There was a guide for 1.0.2:

    So, i was wondering if there was a similiar guide up yet or if someone might be able to direct me to correct path as i attempted to upload my previously 1.0.2 edited
    Phone.plist, phone.strins,services.plist and services.strings to


    and it froze the Phone settings after a reboot. I would press 'Phone' under settings and it would just keep the 'Phone' highlighted, yet do nothing.

    Any information would be appreciated.
    2007-10-20 08:01 AM
  2. wahaha008's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat, I installed 1.02 carrier settings on unlocked 1.1.1

    I'm gonna try to undo carrier settings today, hopefully, the problem will be solved
    2007-10-28 07:23 PM
  3. jChristopher's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads-up on the 1.0.2 settings not working on 1.1.1. And, to whom it may concern, please count me in as someone that would like an updated carrier services list. (I'd try to figure it out myself, but would likely screw something else up in the process...)
    2007-10-29 10:31 PM
  4. glustic's Avatar
    Everything works ***EXCEPT*** phone.plist, during the 1.1.1 update the phone.plist file got encoded and now I'm trying to figure out what encoding so it doesn't show "CARRIER_SERVICES" where it used to say at&t services. It will work perfectly if you don't replace the phone.plist file located in /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/MobilePhoneSettings.bundle

    Someone help me find out how apple encoded the phone.plist file!

    2007-10-29 11:56 PM
  5. hernz's Avatar
    try modifying services.plist ONLY.

    you won't have the new 1.1.1 data roaming option though...well atleast i don't
    2007-10-30 04:11 AM