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    Hi Guys.

    I have a question which i hope someone can help me with,i clear simple terms.

    I Jailbreaked and Unlocked my 1.0.2 iphone with the Erica Sadun method(app tap,independence 1.2.1 etc),and my phone is working fine.

    Most threads on most forums suggest not to do anything in terms of upgrading to 1.1.1 until their is a universal jailbreak and unlock method.

    Would i be correct in assuming that the latest Independence version 1.2.4 is the way to do this?

    If so,do i have to send my phone back to jail and deactivate the phone first as they are the only options i can chose when my phone is connected.

    I presume when the phone is then Jailbroken and activated i can proceed to download the pre 1.1.1 upgrade.

    If someone (mac osx) could give me the definitive step by step upgrade to 1.1.1 then i would be very grateful.

    Many thanks
    2007-10-20 11:25 PM